The Possibility of Bernie’s Blue-Out Terrifies The One Percent

I mentioned some time ago when it didn’t go without saying that Bernie Sanders stands a real chance to win the US Presidency. It goes without saying now. What’s also clear is that the One Percent establishment – both Democrat and Republican – now fear that Bernie Sanders may win any given election he enters, culminating in a potential 50 state Bernie Blue-Out. 

That’s why the establishment is sweating bullets over the Joe Rogan endorsement, the union endorsements, the teacher endorsements, the women-of-color “Squad” endorsements, surging polls for Bernie, and the “Not me – Us” movement that helped launch and power the teachers’ strikes that have swept the country, the movement that is now causing new organizers to say they want to learn how to organize not only for this election but for post-election actions and movement building too.

Well beyond a national strike, Bernie Sanders has been leading a National Call to Action: a movement building “political revolution,” as he describes it. People have responded over the course of several years now, nationwide, locally, and globally. The call and push for a “political revolution” has been an inspiration, and in many ways effective. Bernie has done the unthinkable: he has helped make the left much more real, in the sense that it can now be better seen, some of it, and be seen to be growing, in myriad places where it was non-existent before, or if existing, often less visible, or less active, less powerful. Which is all to say, in some real part, Bernie has helped. It may even be infinitely crucial help. “Not me – Us.” Bernie, as electoral phenomenon, exists because the left existed first, Occupy Wall Street not least, and Bernie’s movement has helped to feed one popular progressive push after another. These movements themselves feed back into his “Not me – Us” candidacy.

The establishment is at real risk now of getting blown-out by Bernie’s “Not me – Us” Blue-Out, even by the “threat” of it. People are becoming more fully human in this movement, and not a moment too soon in face of the staggering imminent threats to human existence, nuclear and in multiple ways environmental.

Are there drawbacks, limits, problems to the ‘Not me – Us” movement? More than a few. Some have been addressed. Others can be. Must society change at many levels, including governmental and electoral, for the risk of further and final disaster to be lowered? Absolutely. To this end, the bigger the potential Blue-Out, the better.

After Bernie, it looks to be Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and in the meantime, until AOC ages in, there will need to be a potent pick for Vice President, if the Democrat nomination is secured. Movements find people. People find movements. Some people elevate into government and other offices. Everyone, literally everyone, finds an important role, which provides the power of it all.

Bernie has found his role. Others have found theirs. More are pitching in all the time as things grow, as need be. The One Percent Establishment is increasingly unnerved and apoplectic over the possibility, the specter, of a 50 state Blue-Out, and progressives should be troubled by the potential lack of one. It’s not about Democrats or Republicans, never was. It’s about progressive waves overcoming both, in part through the Democrat offices themselves, a progressive takeover and victory, one party at a time, or both at once.

Con Don Trump is the defining liar, bigot, marauder, and me-first con artist of the One Percent, an outgrowth of both the Democrat and Republican Parties. Trump’s neon malignancy further clarifies the inhuman priorities, predatory methods, and boundless destructiveness of One Percent rule. The figure of Con Don reveals the institutional depravity of both the Republican and Democrat One Percent establishments, and the predatory economic system known as capitalism. 

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders stands in opposition to both parties including much of the Democratic Party as he steps through it (and on it) to try to capture its nomination, and in so doing further clarifies the sheer destructiveness of the Democratic Party (wildly misnamed) and its One Percent establishment and virulent economics. Both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party are predatory capitalist parties, One Percent corporations essentially, that it will take a political revolution to overcome and replace with something humane. The “Not me – Us” movement goes in that direction. So the One Percent establishment of both parties fears the great potential of a Bernie Blue-Out, as they should. “Not me – Us” is the specter that haunts the One Percent.

And it’s the movements behind the movement for a potential Bernie Blue-Out that the One Percent fears most. Bernie’s call to action has helped tilt the battlefield. A Blue-Out would tilt it even more.

published as Counterpunch

The One Percent Establishment Preys on the Public

It was quite impressive: one could read dozens and hundreds of articles mere days before the most recent US presidential election predicting that Clinton would defeat Trump. Mere hours before the vote! Clinton lost by 74 electoral votes. In defiance of polls/pundits.

What happened? 538 reported that people of color & the young failed to turn out for Clinton at levels polls/pundits predicted. Stands to reason that potential turnout for Sanders was flipside underestimated. Thus polls/pundits threw the election for Clinton/Trump, as did the DNC.

The polls were wrong. Likely still are. The more establishment the Dem nominee in 2020, the more likely Trump wins again. The more progressive the Dem nominee, the more likely Trump loses.

Biden is the establishment fall guy. He is getting crushed by the progressive coalition. This is not 2016 or any prior primary. This is a coalition primary of delegates above the 15% cutoff in the Dem primary. No single candidate is likely to prevail on their own. It’s the coalition that matters.

The One Percent and its establishment fellow travelers, whether Democrat, Republican, or Independent, would rather Trump win than Bernie Sanders. It’s the One Percent against the people after all.

The One Percent and its establishment both liberal and conservative know that Bernie Sanders and Democratic Socialism have by far the best chance to beat Trump and the establishment of any candidate. Progressives should know it too, and push to see that it happens.

The Sanders-Warren coalition is on track to win a majority of delegates, and the nomination on the first Democratic convention ballot, with the nomination going to the dominant partner at the time, likely and hopefully Bernie Sanders. Voters may not always be primarily ideological in whom they vote for, but the candidates basically are. The progressives are in great position to win, Bernie Sanders especially, not least in the general election.

The One Percent Establishment Knifes Itself

After the most recent Democratic presidential primary debate in October, the One Percent turned to endlessly lauding the doomed candidate Pete Buttigieg to try to build him up, evidently to help form a de facto Biden-Buttigieg delegate coalition to beat the easily leading and steadily growing Sanders-Warren delegate coalition.

But the subsequent modest rise in the polls of Buttigieg is dragging down both Biden and Warren and helping Sanders to be dominant in the leading and likely winning delegate coalition: Sanders-Warren. Whoever gets the decisive delegates thrown to him or her before or during the Democratic convention, whether from their coalition partner(s) or otherwise, becomes the Democratic presidential nominee.

Of course even if the Sanders-Warren delegate coalition wins with Sanders as the dominant partner (most delegates and/or votes), the One Percent establishment will still try to block them both, or if all else fails, to throw establishment delegates to Warren to make her the nominee before she throws all her delegates to the leading delegate holder Sanders. Power games of the tyrannical One Percent.

Meanwhile, the establishment lies openly. Prominent polls analyst Nate Silver claims today that polling of the Democratic presidential primary in the first four states to vote “if you look … look[s] quite similar to national polls.” So I looked. It doesn’t. In the first four states to vote – in order Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina – the 538 polls since the most recent debate, or the most recent polls, don’t look like the national average, except for a lag trend in South Carolina.

In national polling currently, Biden leads both Warren and Sanders, in that order. Not so state by state in the first four states to vote: In Iowa and New Hampshire, Biden trails both Sanders and Warren. In Nevada, Warren trails Sanders and Biden. South Carolina appears to be lagging in being more reflective of national polling but as the fourth state to vote will be affected by the three other states that vote first. Meanwhile, all the trendlines for Biden nationally and in each of these four states are as they should be: down.

Sanders and Warren have long been a de facto coalition. If at the end of the Democratic primary, their delegates combined (along with those of any mutual potential allies like Gabbard and possibly Yang, etc) amount to greater than 50 percent, then one of them will be the Democratic nominee for president. They would have every reason in the world to make it so.

In this case, the One Percent Establishment candidates with delegates (all the rest) would have great incentive to see that the much more One Percent friendly Warren gets the nomination rather than Bernie Sanders because “he has absolutely infuriated the liberal establishment by committing a major crime,” notes Noam Chomsky. “It’s not his policies. His crime was to organize an ongoing political movement that doesn’t just show up at the polls every four years and push a button, but keeps working. That’s no good. The rabble is supposed to stay home. Their job is to watch not to participate.”

Chomsky adds, “I think Elizabeth Warren is quite honest. I think many of her plans are perfectly reasonable. She’s working with quite serious economists, some of them friends. But she doesn’t pretend to be, to try, hoping to institute radical institutional changes. Sanders does. Furthermore, she has not organized a mass political movement which Sanders did. And it’s had a lot of effect. That’s how you get people in Congress like Ocasio-Cortez and others because of this movement.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said, “It wasn’t until I heard of a man by the name of Bernie Sanders that I began to assert and recognize my inherent value.” Noam Chomsky adds, “That’s scary. Nobody in the political mainstream wants that.”

But the 99 Percent and planet Earth and all species upon it do want and need what Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are building and working towards: peace on Earth and good will to all, a humane quality of life, a future and a good one.

Meanwhile the One Percent establishment – both Liberal and Conservative – lies, distorts, manipulates, and deceives non-stop and flails wildly in its never-ending effort to sustain its homicidal and suicidal tyranny of theft and profiteering.

There’s No Fucking Excuse

Clear? There’s no fucking excuse to oppose any of the progressive proposals of Bernie Sanders for being too progressive. In fact, his proposals – already the farthest left in the 2020 Democratic primary – could and should be made even more progressive, including with more left, socialist proposals added.

The One Percent candidates are full of shit in their opposition. They are lying. They are lying on behalf of the One Percent insanely rich. They are lying on behalf of super rich domination and destruction of life. There’s no fucking excuse.

The campaigns of the Establishment politicians are literally and directly paid by the One Percent to lie to defend One Percent polices and conditions of life that gut people, that destroy the public and good livable conditions, that kill, and that are turning Earth into an out of control inferno Venus hell unlivable planet. The ongoing Venus-like climate collapse is real, fatal, and final. There’s no fucking excuse for failing to stop it. There’s no fucking excuse for getting in the way of the social and political changes, including revolutions, needed to stop literally the end of the world. Or the end of anyone’s world, in so very many other ways.

There’s no fucking excuse on any of the social issues. It’s predator versus prey. The predators obviously are the establishment One Percent Democrats and Republicans. The prey are the people and the planet. There’s no fucking excuse for the savagery of the One Percent and their phony, predatory, lying politicians.

Tell them. Tell your friends and family. Tell you neighbors. Tell your associates. Tell your co-workers. Tell anyone. Tell everyone. There’s no fucking excuse.

When Progressives Get Stupid: Bernie’s Immoral Objection to UBI

So, I was sitting around with the village the other day, and the village said, “You know it’s kind of nice, a really good turn actually, that this guy Bernie Sanders is pushing for things that people here and there need, you know, like you’re-damn-right free health care, and about-time free college education, and better-than-the-current-crap $15-or-more minimum wage, and better-late-than-never jobs and housing plans, and even scaling back some of America’s hideous international slaughterfests, and going all in on may-the-heavens-help-us-planet-saving Green New Deal proposals, but you know,” the village continued, with no small degree of growing anger and impatience, “there’s this one eensy-weensy-teeny-tiny-little-itty-bitty microscopic problem that this do-good guy Bernie Sanders seems to be entirely, immorally oblivious to. You know what I’m saying? And do you know what that itty-bitty little problem is?”

“Debt!” the village screamed. “The goddamned cost and curse of individual debt! Where the fokk is debt relief?! Print the goddamned money in face of the fokking rigged system and cut everyone their $1,000 per month debt and fiscal justice check! Most of that money will go direct to individual debt relief, or allow people to leverage some new debt to get what they know best they need most: a new roof! a fuel efficient car! improved living conditions for their elderly parents! or children! or all! safer, healthier housing! more nutritious food! donations to money-starved good causes! A local park or community center! A safe sidewalk! A billion trillion things! You name it! Life-saving stuff that may never reach us through any government program because the government can’t be everywhere all the time or know everything, or when and what matters most.

The village continued, “People need it, this little thing called money in a rigged system. They need regular, steady, ready money. To the tune of a thousand dollars per month or more! How can the Bernie Sanders people be so immoral as to not see this? How can they deny the need for a regular cash infusion against a viciously cash-rigged system? Nevermind that all the other candidates are even more hopeless generally, politically. At least Yang came up with one great idea: universal basic income, a thousand dollars per month. Give him credit, and print the money. Inflation is no worry, look it up,” said the village, “we did. It’s time for the Bernie Sanders camp to get off their cans, to get their heads out of their backsides on this issue, and move forward with this overwhelmingly powerful proposal. Or suffer the consequences of dumbassery. You know that you should know that if you’re smart enough and if you have a big enough heart to know that you need to throw a lot of cash around at a lot of different pressing needs, then you should be smart enough and have a big enough heart to know that you need to throw a good chunk of that cash where it’s needed most: direct into people’s pockets, where they can best and most readily use it where they know best and where only they can know. UBI would be in addition to every other good program. It must not be means tested. It will benefit the least among us the most.”

“So, yes,” said the village, “Bernie is basically a good guy most ways, but his people need to break out the smelling salts and shock themselves back into the real world where all the debtors bleed on the fiscal blades of the profiteers, the real world where a thousand regular bucks in the pocket each month is a lifesaver like nothing else. Hell yes,” added the village, “we could get all analytical and break it down for all the dumb-asses to whom individual debt or being flat broke is no real concern, but these people are so hopelessly immoral or dense to begin with that they can go hang for all we care, which we see as entirely fitting for how evidently little they trust in people or care to meet the real needs of the people in the village,” said the village. “Wake up. Or die in your sleep. The village has spoken.”

Noam Chomsky on Universal Basic Income: “Actually that’s an interesting concept. It comes from the right wing, originally. Milton Friedman proposed it, for example. From his point of view it was part of an effort to undermine welfare state measures. But it doesn’t have to have a reactionary component. It can be interpreted as something progressive. People have rights. In fact, if you read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948, take a look at Article 25. It says, people have rights to adequate food, nutrition, health, employment, security, and so on. Those are minimal rights. Any society ought to guarantee that. Well, you know, one way to guarantee it would be through a socially acceptable form of basic income. In fact to an extent that’s what so-called welfare states try to provide in a certain way. So sure that’s something that could be proposed. I don’t think it goes far enough, but as a short-term way of alleviating major problems that’s fine, and there are elements in various societies that do provide things like that.”   

Bernie supports the theoretical idea of UBI but not the actual implementation of it. Which is to say, he doesn’t really support it. He is wrong. The village is correct. Come to the village, Bernie. You are lost, and may well lose, without it.

Bernie Sanders Campaign Needs To Move Further Left Immediately To Move Ahead Now And Long Term

Bernie should immediately name Nina Turner or Rashida Tlaib as his Vice Presidential pick, and the two should campaign together and individually. The Bernie Sanders campaign and political movement needs such additional help now.

Youngish progressives of color in the House need to be further encouraged to come on board immediately and endorse him. Bernie’s Democratic Socialist campaign needs more people coming aboard in a big way.  

And now that Bernie has undergone a stents procedure on his heart, the logic is inescapable. A vice presidential candidate needs to begin campaigning with him immediately, so that in the terrible event that Bernie is not able to continue, the campaign could continue with the VP as the new Presidential candidate. 

There can be no denying that the campaign is and must be bigger than any individual. Probably it should be Nina Turner, Rashida Tlaib, or Tulsi Gabbard who begins campaigning immediately as Bernie’s backup and potential immediate replacement. This should have been done months ago, and not even for reasons of health but for reasons of the movement generally, for needed differentiation, for diverse electoral support, and for transparency. Waiting to spring a VP on voters after one wins the nomination is insulting, in no way justifiable. It’s entirely unclear that any dual campaigner and candidate in the VP position would be better than Nina Turner, national co-chair of the Sanders campaign. That said, Rashida Tlaib would also be a powerful choice. 

It has long since been obvious that Team Bernie (and all other campaigns) should adopt and improve Andrew Yang’s Universal Basic Income proposal because it’s basically a form of badly needed individual debt relief, progressive debt relief, and extremely popular and appealing. As would be a youngish woman of color Vice President pick now, or months ago. Turner or Tlaib. Does the Bernie Sanders campaign not want to be overwhelmingly popular?

Of course it does. Unfortunately, it has continued to miss the obvious in these two crucial matters. And now Yang’s ever increasing popularity and financial draw both come likely at Bernie’s Democratic Socialist expense. Also now Bernie’s health scare seriously threatens both Bernie and Democratic Socialism. The campaign has missed the importance of not holding up Bernie in isolation. That VP pick should have been made months ago, even apart from age and health considerations. The campaign should surely feel forced to do it now.

Support and improvement of Yang’s UBI should also be promptly effected. Could it be more obvious by now? Time to admit these mistakes and move forward, or just move forward and plead first or nearly first on these issues to act if still slow to act. The wake-up calls are hitting hard and fast. Time to move.

Bye-Bye, Biden; Dear Word, Warren; Good Luck, Sanders; Hello … Yang?

Biden is done. When Joe Biden first announced his candidacy for Democrat nominee for US President, I wondered if he would make it even to the first vote, the February 2020 Iowa caucus. The former US Vice President is a terrible candidate for this time, and for any time. Former President Barack Obama used Joe Biden’s very white and right-wing economic stature to offset (“balance” out) Obama’s own person and perceived liberal positions. So Biden is no second coming of Barack Obama. Biden is the white-signaling, right-wing Democrat zombie residual of the former President. Biden is attempting, to macabre effect, to pass himself off as renewed hope and change. A zombie candidate for a zombie party. Hillary was the polished automaton. Joe is the brain-bit zombie. Death walks among us. The establishment Democrats’ pride and joy! Fortunately, Biden’s creepy and cruel, pitiful and atavistic candidacy is being killed by the combined zombie-slaying might of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

That Biden’s electorate support continues to drop steadily, especially in early primary states, surprises no one. The Democrat establishment – that is, big money, the One Percent – will scheme as long as possible for lifting Biden to the throne of empire that is the US Presidency, but the One Percent Democrats are also realistic enough to realize that Elizabeth “capitalist to my bones” Warren is the fallback plan for defeating Bernie “Democratic Socialist” Sanders. Unfortunately, Joe Biden is not the only one attempting to pass himself off as the figure the world currently needs. There is also Elizabeth Warren. The one whom Trump calls Pocahontas. If Elizabeth Warren is not trying to position and pass herself off as Bernie Sanders-lite, the sky is not blue.

The Democrat establishment does not mind losing to Trump or to any Republican, as long as Bernie Sanders is defeated for both the Democratic nomination and the likely Presidency that would follow. This was as evident four years ago as it is today. To the Democrat establishment, Bernie Sanders is the enemy and Trump is not even the opponent. Rather, Trump is a devil-may-care One Percent fellow profiteer. As a braggart predator and overt sociopath bigot for a President, Trump shatters the already precarious pretense of the supposed humane One Percent rule of both major political parties. So Joe Biden was meant to be the next-in-line nightmare, Commander-in-Thief, as Hillary Clinton was meant to be before him, One Percent fronters all. That the One Percent is able to stage manage such destructive and insipid phonies for election, year-in and year-out almost defies belief, and by now at least, the gleeful ghoulish Joker Biden is too clearly a killer capitalist zombie to keep up the charade. This makes necessary the establishment Democrats’ fallback to fellow capitalist Elizabeth Warren.

In Warren, the establishment Democrats see much that they like (as do establishment Republicans). What’s not to like?:

Elizabeth Warren is a former Harvard professor, a former “diehard conservative” elite! by way of a pompous bastion of power so often deeply complicit with bloody One Percent rule.

Elizabeth Warren is a former Republican! well into her forties, a demonstration of colossal social and political ignorance.

Elizabeth Warren is an avowed “capitalist to her bones”! which, to say the least, greatly undercuts her already badly weakened progressive positions.

Elizabeth Warren is beloved by Good Liberals! the most inexcusably gullible and brainwashed class.

Elizabeth Warren is no stranger to racial conflict! her ill-handled personal and family history with Native America.

And Elizabeth Warren – say she wins the nomination – would likely pick as her Vice President … whom? One of any number of corporate glad-handers (fake “centrists”) like Cory Booker, Julián Castro, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, Jay Inslee, Steve Bullock? Words fail, it’s tempting to say, but they don’t. Good Liberals. Big Business glad-handers. One Percent get-alongs. May the gods help us. Vice President picks are after-the-fact utterly revealing of the Presidential nominee. Take a look back through history. Or simply look at Barack’s Biden. Let alone Hillary’s Kaine. Good Liberals through and through, corporate glad-handers, One Percent lobbyists, fake reformers, total disasters. So who would Warren pick for Vice President? Bernie Sanders? Highly unlikely. Think you’ll be surprised?

Trump would smear Warren relentlessly as a phony, as Pocahontas, as an elite Professor, and as a Socialist, with ease. Still, it may not be enough to win for the odious, vicious Trump. He barely defeated Hillary Clinton, who had been demonized nationally (albeit and idolized) for a quarter century. Trump could beat Warren far more easily than he could beat Bernie Sanders. Same was true of Sanders and Clinton four years ago. That’s okay, the Democrat establishment in no way minds playing with fire. The Democrats are as destructive as fire, after all, an inferno, likewise Trump, who is not a fire the Democrat establishment is profoundly bothered by, much hypocritical blather to the contrary. Bernie Sanders is, by far, the Democrat establishment’s greatest major antagonist to date in the electoral sphere. The establishment One Percent Democrats know well who their real enemy is. It’s not Trump. It’s Bernie Sanders and the progressive-verging-on-socialist movement. 

With the last bit of retrograde utility sucked out of Biden, the Democrat establishment needs Warren now to bring the Good Liberals along with them, to bollox, to confuse, or to give cover to the more knowing and complicit Good Liberals. Mild reform is typically used to kill major reform, let alone revolutionary progress. Enter Warren versus Sanders. Warren and Sanders act as a coalition at times, especially in the debates. The establishment though is attempting to smother Sanders and the movement toward democracy, never mind socialism, with wall-to-wall promotion to elevate the capitalist force that Warren openly applauds and vows to be. She is in the political lineage of the establishment, whereas Bernie Sanders attempts to rally the needed antidote called democracy against the long capitalist nightmare, the ongoing horror story that threatens to end all.

Would nominee Warren win or lose to Trump? It hardly matters to establishment Democrats who are happy to roll the dice with “capitalist” Warren, since she is their best shot at defeating Bernie “Democratic Socialist” Sanders in the primary. And that’s the important thing to the One Percent. Defeating Bernie’s unrivaled progressive platform and democracy-infused movement is the real crisis and function consuming the Democrat party. The national electorate has appeared for years wholly unlikely to defeat Bernie Sanders for President, so the Democrats must hatchet Sanders themselves, before it is too late, before the people come too much to power, before democracy is allowed too much to grow.

Elizabeth “capitalist to my bones” Warren has the right attitude toward her One Percent masters, promising to only ding them a bit. How plucky! How nervy! What a plan from the smart one with such great merits! That’s the story being peddled. To be a Republican into her late forties belies a lot, especially for an academic. And passing herself off as a minority for her career in academia? Anywhere else? Anything else? What is Warren now attempting to pass herself off as? Trump will continue to hammer her on this. He will continue to write PHONY all over her. And what can she possibly say? “I already apologized for that?” It might work, Trump is so grotesque.

And Bernie Sanders? He sees things differently, long since, and has acted accordingly, attempting via a popular movement to replace entire chunks of the predatory system, progressively and fundamentally. He is the enemy of the oppressive system. The One Percent Democrats must kick him to the curb, and the populace alongside. The Good Liberals gladly help. Why is that again? 

The bulk of the establishment now loves, loves, loves Elizabeth Warren because she is seen – probably accurately – as being the only person who can defeat Bernie Sanders, having presented herself as Bernie-Sanders-lite, a more refined and genteel progressive, one who will not go too far, one who knows her proper place, one who actually believes in capitalism – how could one not? – a more respectable candidate. Respectable to whom? Yep: Big Money, Good Liberals, corporate media conglomerates, Wall Street ways and means. The smiling new face of humane capitalism! As she herself rushes to assure. She’s a player among capitalists. She says it herself. It’s the golden system! Don’t you know? Some might say that Warren is an opportunist. Whether she is or not is irrelevant, since she pinpoints her particular limits to a capitalist T.

And so as Biden unravels through whatever is left of his zombie candidacy, it’s a two person race between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. The drivers and tools of the establishment are refusing to wait for Biden’s zombie campaign to breath its final breath before seeking out a slayer for the “Democratic Socialist” campaign. The One Percent needs Elizabeth “capitalist to my bones” Warren, needs her now. The Good Liberals have already fallen in line. The deeply brainwashed go first. The social control mechanisms of profiteering and predatory wealth herd the rest, or attempt to. The automation of propaganda and calculated maneuvering is impressive, efficient, often invisible, ultimately ruthless. But will it be enough to defeat the greatest agent of change in the Democratic primary?

The Bernie Sanders campaign rumbles on. It would do well to revisit its rejection of Yang’s $1,000 per month so-called “Freedom Dividend,” a socialist proposal if there ever was one. A thousand bucks a month to all would be of not only greatest benefit to the most impoverished, it would offer by far the most flexible benefit, granting regular and continuous $1,000 levers of direct democracy, in effect. It would afford relief for pressing needs both longstanding and unforeseen, whether in health care, debts, safety, nutrition, food, transportation, shelter, clothing, climate control, or myriad emergencies. A more progressive social remedy is difficult to imagine in a society where money determines whether you live or die, how long or how quickly, how well or how miserably. And so the Bernie Sanders “Democratic Socialist” campaign especially, and any campaign, would do well to adopt and improve Yang’s increasingly popular, commonsense, and deeply humane proposal (if stopgap and triage-like). The “Freedom Dividend” would better be called an “Emergency Dividend” or “Justice Dividend.”

Missing the obvious is the surest way to lose an election. Hillary Clinton and pollsters both missed and misread the obvious in the previous election cycle, with ghastly results. Democrats are irresponsible fools, and far worse, for continuing to misread and purposefully ignore the obvious time and again. That Republicans are worse is no consolation, especially since they prey on Democrat idiocy and debasement, capitalizing on it to destructive power. Too much is at stake, always has been. In fact, everything is at stake now, in this perhaps terminal age of climate collapse.

That the Democrat monied establishment and the Good Liberals are resoundingly and increasingly fawning all over Elizabeth Warren’s campaign is a sure sign that badly needed answers and change lie elsewhere. Biden is done. Yang and the other would-be nominees are akin to one-book authors who have already written their one book, in previous endeavors. Warren is a Jenny-come-lately. Not the worst thing in the world, better late than never, but it’s a strange kind of fearless leader who is always following, who is always trying to catch up to what others saw and acted on long ago, whether about claims to racial identity, or about a vast range of other vital professional, economic, social, and political issues. In virtually all critical areas, Warren lags permanently and tellingly behind the sweeping proposals and the more fundamentally transformative movement led by Bernie Sanders (to the great relief of the ruling establishment). Shocker that Elizabeth Warren comes from the Republican right and Bernie Sanders from the socialist left.

By falsely overusing “socialist” as attempted attacks against the Liberal (and Neoliberal) capitalist policies of Obama and many others, Republicans have inadvertently dulled the force of the would-be smear. By dubbing herself an avowed “capitalist” Warren inadvertently (or ignorantly) wages class war in the wrong direction. The big money Democrat establishment applauds! And the Good Liberals are too brainwashed, too bolloxed, too cowardly, or too debased, to know or to care what to make of it all. Good Germans, or fallen in step with them. The “menace of liberal scholarship” and opinion, is no thing of the past. The Ivy League greased, imperial corporate and Pentagon rule of the world remains. Right now, per usual in elections, the Democrats and Good Liberals are the main problem, the first and foremost antagonists against progressive policy and democracy, let alone socialism.

How is that? It continues to be extremely difficult for progressives, let alone socialists, to be able to confront the reactionary, right-wing conservative Republican opponents when so many Good Liberals do their utmost to block the progressive way, day in and year out. Thus the saying that liberals are the enemy, conservatives are merely the opponent. It’s not the general electorate voting down Bernie Sanders and Democratic Socialism, it’s the Good Liberals of the Democrat primary doing their customary hatchet job. Wittingly and tragically unwittingly. (It’s Euripides, Sophocles, and Aeschylus to the hilt. Shakespearean! No less.)

Elizabeth Warren is not an ideologically ideal candidate unlike Joker Biden, to the One Percent and their fellow travelers, but she is far better than Sanders Claus, in their eyes and in the eyes of the Good Liberals, deeply indoctrinated. Oh, but she may surprise you! Elizabeth Proud Capitalist Warren may surprise you! That’s what is always said, especially by the Good Liberals. About Hillary. About Barack. About Bill. No one says that about Bernie. We all know what they say about Bernie instead. And we all know how they say it. And it indicates where the push for the future lives, and where it has died.

No one with any semblance of insight or sanity says, “Biden may surprise you!” Not in a good way. And that’s why he is done. And so the predator class must, and the Good Liberals gladly, turn to Elizabeth Warren, because she is like them. Warren is so very like the supposedly civilized status quo, with a few tweaks for good measure. That she would command the same capitalist death train, with a renovated compartment or two, that has brought the planet through and into an inferno to end all infernos, seems not to matter at all, to the class of the country.

Meanwhile Bernie Sanders works to stop the damage and end the supreme danger that the establishment Democrats and Republicans have wrought. He is doing so as must be, by pushing ever to the left against the Democrat establishment, for which and by which he is despised, denigrated, denounced, derided with the intent to destroy. Left toward democracy is the only place to go to have a chance to literally save the world. The problem: it remains much harder for the Bernie Sanders campaign to win the primary than the general election because too many educated Democrats have been brainwashed by corporate propaganda to love big-business-friendly technocratic planners like Gore, Kerry, the Clintons, and Elizabeth “capitalist to my bones” Warren. That kind of gilded degree and polished identity – the Good Liberal calling card – has for too long indicated both sham and predatory governance which most see no reason to trust. With good reason. Candidates who follow that path tend to disappear to general election voters in most states. 

These are Depression times, Epidemic times, Vicious times, and an Environmentally Desperate age, we need our candidates to act like it. We need officials and candidates to understand and to express that capitalism created the problems that kill so much and so many and may kill us all. This is the most grave time, with enormous needs that only great solutions can meet. The human and planetary crisis requires change, demands change, can only be alleviated with change, not more of the capitalist same. 

It’s now or never. Capitalists and capitalism won’t save us. They won’t and can’t even save themselves. They have put everyone on the short track to oblivion, even if they think they have not. Democrats need to find the good sense not to jump on board the hell ride to the void. Democrats need to get out of the way of the general electorate and give democracy a chance. The left is the only chance left. Now as always and more than ever.

The Corporate Establishment, Desperate, Panics, Throws Its Support To Warren On The Eve Of The Debates

Four and a half months ago, the One Percent was desperate: “Frankly, if [the Corporate Establishment] believed [Elizabeth] Warren would win, they’d jump on board. [They will support] everyone in the top tier not named Bernie Sanders…” reports Politico, which in January 2019 interviewed more than “a dozen executives” for its article, “Wall Street Freaks Out About 2020.”

Desperate has now morphed into full-blown panic on the eve of the first debates for the Democratic Presidential Primary. The One Percent Neo-Liberal Corporate Establishment, fronted by the corporate media and corporate pundits, is now all-in for Elizabeth Warren. She is seen as the only candidate who can defeat Bernie Sanders.

The imploding media creation, phony, and corporate tool that is Joe Biden is sinking back into the corporate muck and toxic corporate slime that is his natural habitat. The more people see him, and hear him, the less they like him. And no other corporate stooge candidate has been able to fool much of the public: not Kamala Harris, not Pete Buttigieg, not Cory Booker, not Beto O’Rourke, not anyone.

Only Bernie Sanders has proven, enduring support, well-earned. The One Percent like Elizabeth Warren less than any other candidate, but they like her much more than Bernie Sanders, whom they despise. She is an avowed capitalist after all. And what is a capitalist but a predator of the populace. The One Percent feeds off of people. Warren has vowed to help perpetuate that system, while Bernie Sanders continues to work to upend it.

The One Percent is desperate. It is now all in for Warren. It’s panic time for the corporate establishment. Reluctantly it has picked Elizabeth Warren as its new champion, if not hero. Anyone but Bernie, says Big Money.

The only question now is, Can the people be duped into supporting Warren over Sanders? Exactly as they were duped into supporting Clinton over Sanders.

Bernie Sanders has better policies than Elizabeth Warren, and is far more electable. Once again, the One Percent prefer Trump to Sanders, by far. The One Percent doesn’t care that Warren can easily lose to Trump. They only care that their predatory rule not be disrupted by Bernie Sanders and a progressive, let alone socialist, movement.

It Begins To Take Shape

What would real democracy look like, if the US were actually a democracy? Given the current situation:

Bernie Sanders would become President.

Rashida Tlaib would become Vice President.

Tulsi Gabbard would become Secretary of Defense.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would become Secretary of State.

Ellen Brown would become Secretary of the Treasury.

And so on.

It would look something like that.

There is a real chance it might yet come to be.

Who would you nominate?

There is a real chance the Green New Deal, or better, might win the day. As it must, if the human species, and many others, are to have a real chance at survival.

What would you suggest?

There is a real chance that we need to do better than we at this point can even imagine. Meanwhile, it would more than help to achieve first what we can well imagine.

Get Older Voters Something, Now

Older voters kill progressive candidates like Bernie Sanders, especially voters over 50, 60, and 70+ years of age. (See “Major US Elections Are Won By [Older] Voters Who Care The Least About [Progressive] Policy.) Older voters come out in corporate-brainwashed droves to vote against their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They don’t think they are doing that, but that is exactly what they are doing as they are voting against the progressive policies of progressive candidates that would benefit children, students, workers, caregivers, young parents, the ill, the homeless, the impoverished, the environment, youth in general, as well as against all generations, young and old.

Just as older voters don’t flock to progressive candidate rallies, such rallies don’t seem to appeal to or speak to older voters. The latter needs to change in a big, big way. Younger voters need to be able to induce older voters on crucial grounds that move older voters. Progressive candidates need to get older voters something, something big, much more than they ever have before. Why? Because older voters by far continue to be an over-represented proportion of the voting population, and they are destroying the candidacies of progressive candidates and in the process destroying the very hope of life on earth for all people, including the descendants of these older voters. Progressive voters need to get older voters something big in exchange for their votes, before it is too late for anyone, for everyone, for the prospect of life on Earth.

What do older voters need most of all? What everyone needs: time, money, and quality health care. Often quality health care also provides both time and money.

When older people become too infirm to care for themselves, Medicare and Medicaid both bankrupt and abandon them. Medicare pays for little or no in-home health care needs, and Medicaid forces people into virtual bankruptcy – to spend down nearly all wealth – before it will pay for a nursing home. And who wants to go to a nursing home anyway? A lively assisted living facility perhaps, but most people want to remain at home, with in-home health care, and they want to pass on whatever wealth they might have, small or large, to their descendants or social causes rather than blow it all on profiteering health costs. Progressive candidates should campaign on providing free lifelong in-home health care – up to and including long-term, live-in caregivers – to all but the most technologically impossible cases, with no spend-down of wealth to qualify.

This would not only save older people potentially enormous amounts of money, and create badly needed jobs in hard-hit rural and urban areas – it would also save relatives great time, money, and difficulty in trying to care for ailing kin. A universal in-home health care program would allow older voters to help their families or their passions and causes by passing along wealth rather than handing it over to cover the expenses of their infirmities and to the sick profiteers. Progressive candidates should campaign night and day on this critical issue and others like it, not least to try to redirect the flood of older voters who come out and kill progressive candidates and kill the futures of their own descendants and the Earth writ large.

The corporate powers that be will claim that the money to fund these grave needs of older voters does not and cannot possibly exist. It’s a lie, of course. Congress has the Constitutional authority to create all the money required, and then some, without taxation of even the profiteers, let alone of anyone else. Progressive candidates need to offer and work to get older voters something big, now, or the One Percent masters of brainwash will rule to the fast-approaching end of time, as all the world will continue to go to Hell.

Does Elizabeth Warren “have a plan for that,” for the bulk of voters, who happen to be 50+ and who vote remorselessly against progressives? If she has a plan for that, she needs to make it front and center from now on.

And Bernie Sanders, does he have a vital program for the “us not me” bulk of voters – older voters – who killed his progressive candidacy last time and who could kill it again this time? If so, if there is truly a momentous older persons “us” in Bernie’s “not me,” then he had better explain how, why, and how very much this would mean to older voters and their loved ones, as the centerpiece of every talk and rally from now on.

Tulsi Gabbard, to have a shot at election, she had better come up with one great big “Aloha!” to older voters that translates as a huge helping hand for the grave issues that affect their lives.

Progressive candidates need to get these older folks something major, something unprecedented, and something now, or older voters may continue to vote against the only policies, candidates, and movements that can possibly help save their descendants and by now the world. Whether they know it, and especially if not.

Tony Christini is author of the antiwar novel Homefront, co-editor of Liberation Lit anthology, the critical work Fiction Gutted: The Establishment and the Novel, and mostly recently author of Empire All In: A Novel of the Trump Era – paperbackebook.