The Corporate Establishment, Desperate, Panics, Throws Its Support To Warren On The Eve Of The Debates

Four and a half months ago, the One Percent was desperate: “Frankly, if [the Corporate Establishment] believed [Elizabeth] Warren would win, they’d jump on board. [They will support] everyone in the top tier not named Bernie Sanders…” reports Politico, which in January 2019 interviewed more than “a dozen executives” for its article, “Wall Street Freaks Out About 2020.”

Desperate has now morphed into full-blown panic on the eve of the first debates for the Democratic Presidential Primary. The One Percent Neo-Liberal Corporate Establishment, fronted by the corporate media and corporate pundits, is now all-in for Elizabeth Warren. She is seen as the only candidate who can defeat Bernie Sanders.

The imploding media creation, phony, and corporate tool that is Joe Biden is sinking back into the corporate muck and toxic corporate slime that is his natural habitat. The more people see him, and hear him, the less they like him. And no other corporate stooge candidate has been able to fool much of the public: not Kamala Harris, not Pete Buttigieg, not Cory Booker, not Beto O’Rourke, not anyone.

Only Bernie Sanders has proven, enduring support, well-earned. The One Percent like Elizabeth Warren less than any other candidate, but they like her much more than Bernie Sanders, whom they despise. She is an avowed capitalist after all. And what is a capitalist but a predator of the populace. The One Percent feeds off of people. Warren has vowed to help perpetuate that system, while Bernie Sanders continues to work to upend it.

The One Percent is desperate. It is now all in for Warren. It’s panic time for the corporate establishment. Reluctantly it has picked Elizabeth Warren as its new champion, if not hero. Anyone but Bernie, says Big Money.

The only question now is, Can the people be duped into supporting Warren over Sanders? Exactly as they were duped into supporting Clinton over Sanders.

Bernie Sanders has better policies than Elizabeth Warren, and is far more electable. Once again, the One Percent prefer Trump to Sanders, by far. The One Percent doesn’t care that Warren can easily lose to Trump. They only care that their predatory rule not be disrupted by Bernie Sanders and a progressive, let alone socialist, movement.

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