The One Percent Establishment Preys on the Public

It was quite impressive: one could read dozens and hundreds of articles mere days before the most recent US presidential election predicting that Clinton would defeat Trump. Mere hours before the vote! Clinton lost by 74 electoral votes. In defiance of polls/pundits.

What happened? 538 reported that people of color & the young failed to turn out for Clinton at levels polls/pundits predicted. Stands to reason that potential turnout for Sanders was flipside underestimated. Thus polls/pundits threw the election for Clinton/Trump, as did the DNC.

The polls were wrong. Likely still are. The more establishment the Dem nominee in 2020, the more likely Trump wins again. The more progressive the Dem nominee, the more likely Trump loses.

Biden is the establishment fall guy. He is getting crushed by the progressive coalition. This is not 2016 or any prior primary. This is a coalition primary of delegates above the 15% cutoff in the Dem primary. No single candidate is likely to prevail on their own. It’s the coalition that matters.

The One Percent and its establishment fellow travelers, whether Democrat, Republican, or Independent, would rather Trump win than Bernie Sanders. It’s the One Percent against the people after all.

The One Percent and its establishment both liberal and conservative know that Bernie Sanders and Democratic Socialism have by far the best chance to beat Trump and the establishment of any candidate. Progressives should know it too, and push to see that it happens.

The Sanders-Warren coalition is on track to win a majority of delegates, and the nomination on the first Democratic convention ballot, with the nomination going to the dominant partner at the time, likely and hopefully Bernie Sanders. Voters may not always be primarily ideological in whom they vote for, but the candidates basically are. The progressives are in great position to win, Bernie Sanders especially, not least in the general election.

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