Bernie Tulsi 2020

Bernie Sanders should cut through the crap when he announces his 2020 candidacy for the Democratic Presidential primary and simultaneously announce that Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii Representative) will campaign with him as his Vice Presidential running mate (should she be willing).

This would be an obvious identity politics win and a general political win. It would also force other candidates to follow suit and reveal at the outset the full dual team that voters are selecting when they vote for any Presidential candidate. The election process will be made more transparent in this way, and also discourage Presidential candidates from being sneaky and choosing lousy backwards Vice Presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton’s horrible, pathetic, and stupidly unpopular choice of Tim Kaine in 2016.

So Bernie/Tulsi, Sanders/Gabbard in 2020. Upfront and outfront, Bernie/Tulsi in all likelihood an unbeatable pair for the Presidency in 2020.

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