Bernie Versus The Void

It’s the void against Bernie in the 2020 Presidential Primary. The Democrats have searched long and hard through their ranks and come up with nothing, no one with more than a tiny fraction of the substance and credibility found in Bernie Sanders’ inspiring progressive efforts and campaigns. The Democrats have nothing of substance to counter the popularity of the Bernie Sanders years-long surge.

That’s right, folks, the obvious becomes more obvious over time. The Democrats have no one to challenge Bernie Sanders in the 2020 Presidential Primary. The Democratic Party is almost as unpopular and disliked generally as is the Republican Party. These so-called representative political Parties of a democracy are actually ruling corporations of, by, and for the One Percent, imposing their blunt force will, tyrannic and profiteering, upon the people. The Democrats like the Republicans, virtually everyone knows, are bankrupt morally and intellectually, rich only in cash, pillage, and power.

Thus the Democrats can only oppose Bernie Sanders in the 2020 Presidential Primary by throwing up Obama Clones: politicians with deeply unpopular policies who try to charm and fool voters into supporting them despite the deadly void of their vision. Their vision is phony, repulsive, and thuggish and so naturally repels all voters who are not duped by the oceans of PR, ads, and other propaganda that have shown less and less power to brainwash people near and far, in this new age of social media, the people’s media, at its best.

The most savvy of these Void candidates, despite being devoted capitalists and superficial careerists, have glommed onto a few of Bernie Sanders’ progressive policy proposals in a desperate attempt to gain some popularity among voters. Only the suicidal and the masochistic and the venal One Percent will knowingly vote for these candidates from the Void. 

Jonathan Chait and New York Magazine describe the Bernie versus the Void 2020 Presidential Primary as Socialists versus the Establishment, which is wildly inaccurate if somewhat suggestive in the former. It would be too embarrassing and too revealing for Chait and NYM and any dominant, corporate media entity to describe Bernie versus the Void as Progressives versus the One Percent, which would be far more accurate. The dominant media is forced to peddle crap, and they are trying to peddle more and more crap to a populace that is having less and less of it.

The 2020 Presidential Priary is Bernie versus the Void, and people know it, just as they know the sky is blue, climate collapse is real, and the entire future of the world is at stake, not least in the race between Bernie and the Void.

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