Get Older Voters Something, Now

Older voters kill progressive candidates like Bernie Sanders, especially voters over 50, 60, and 70+ years of age. (See “Major US Elections Are Won By [Older] Voters Who Care The Least About [Progressive] Policy.) Older voters come out in corporate-brainwashed droves to vote against their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They don’t think they are doing that, but that is exactly what they are doing as they are voting against the progressive policies of progressive candidates that would benefit children, students, workers, caregivers, young parents, the ill, the homeless, the impoverished, the environment, youth in general, as well as against all generations, young and old.

Just as older voters don’t flock to progressive candidate rallies, such rallies don’t seem to appeal to or speak to older voters. The latter needs to change in a big, big way. Younger voters need to be able to induce older voters on crucial grounds that move older voters. Progressive candidates need to get older voters something, something big, much more than they ever have before. Why? Because older voters by far continue to be an over-represented proportion of the voting population, and they are destroying the candidacies of progressive candidates and in the process destroying the very hope of life on earth for all people, including the descendants of these older voters. Progressive voters need to get older voters something big in exchange for their votes, before it is too late for anyone, for everyone, for the prospect of life on Earth.

What do older voters need most of all? What everyone needs: time, money, and quality health care. Often quality health care also provides both time and money.

When older people become too infirm to care for themselves, Medicare and Medicaid both bankrupt and abandon them. Medicare pays for little or no in-home health care needs, and Medicaid forces people into virtual bankruptcy – to spend down nearly all wealth – before it will pay for a nursing home. And who wants to go to a nursing home anyway? A lively assisted living facility perhaps, but most people want to remain at home, with in-home health care, and they want to pass on whatever wealth they might have, small or large, to their descendants or social causes rather than blow it all on profiteering health costs. Progressive candidates should campaign on providing free lifelong in-home health care – up to and including long-term, live-in caregivers – to all but the most technologically impossible cases, with no spend-down of wealth to qualify.

This would not only save older people potentially enormous amounts of money, and create badly needed jobs in hard-hit rural and urban areas – it would also save relatives great time, money, and difficulty in trying to care for ailing kin. A universal in-home health care program would allow older voters to help their families or their passions and causes by passing along wealth rather than handing it over to cover the expenses of their infirmities and to the sick profiteers. Progressive candidates should campaign night and day on this critical issue and others like it, not least to try to redirect the flood of older voters who come out and kill progressive candidates and kill the futures of their own descendants and the Earth writ large.

The corporate powers that be will claim that the money to fund these grave needs of older voters does not and cannot possibly exist. It’s a lie, of course. Congress has the Constitutional authority to create all the money required, and then some, without taxation of even the profiteers, let alone of anyone else. Progressive candidates need to offer and work to get older voters something big, now, or the One Percent masters of brainwash will rule to the fast-approaching end of time, as all the world will continue to go to Hell.

Does Elizabeth Warren “have a plan for that,” for the bulk of voters, who happen to be 50+ and who vote remorselessly against progressives? If she has a plan for that, she needs to make it front and center from now on.

And Bernie Sanders, does he have a vital program for the “us not me” bulk of voters – older voters – who killed his progressive candidacy last time and who could kill it again this time? If so, if there is truly a momentous older persons “us” in Bernie’s “not me,” then he had better explain how, why, and how very much this would mean to older voters and their loved ones, as the centerpiece of every talk and rally from now on.

Tulsi Gabbard, to have a shot at election, she had better come up with one great big “Aloha!” to older voters that translates as a huge helping hand for the grave issues that affect their lives.

Progressive candidates need to get these older folks something major, something unprecedented, and something now, or older voters may continue to vote against the only policies, candidates, and movements that can possibly help save their descendants and by now the world. Whether they know it, and especially if not.

Tony Christini is author of the antiwar novel Homefront, co-editor of Liberation Lit anthology, the critical work Fiction Gutted: The Establishment and the Novel, and mostly recently author of Empire All In: A Novel of the Trump Era – paperbackebook.

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