The One Percent Establishment Knifes Itself

After the most recent Democratic presidential primary debate in October, the One Percent turned to endlessly lauding the doomed candidate Pete Buttigieg to try to build him up, evidently to help form a de facto Biden-Buttigieg delegate coalition to beat the easily leading and steadily growing Sanders-Warren delegate coalition.

But the subsequent modest rise in the polls of Buttigieg is dragging down both Biden and Warren and helping Sanders to be dominant in the leading and likely winning delegate coalition: Sanders-Warren. Whoever gets the decisive delegates thrown to him or her before or during the Democratic convention, whether from their coalition partner(s) or otherwise, becomes the Democratic presidential nominee.

Of course even if the Sanders-Warren delegate coalition wins with Sanders as the dominant partner (most delegates and/or votes), the One Percent establishment will still try to block them both, or if all else fails, to throw establishment delegates to Warren to make her the nominee before she throws all her delegates to the leading delegate holder Sanders. Power games of the tyrannical One Percent.

Meanwhile, the establishment lies openly. Prominent polls analyst Nate Silver claims today that polling of the Democratic presidential primary in the first four states to vote “if you look … look[s] quite similar to national polls.” So I looked. It doesn’t. In the first four states to vote – in order Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina – the 538 polls since the most recent debate, or the most recent polls, don’t look like the national average, except for a lag trend in South Carolina.

In national polling currently, Biden leads both Warren and Sanders, in that order. Not so state by state in the first four states to vote: In Iowa and New Hampshire, Biden trails both Sanders and Warren. In Nevada, Warren trails Sanders and Biden. South Carolina appears to be lagging in being more reflective of national polling but as the fourth state to vote will be affected by the three other states that vote first. Meanwhile, all the trendlines for Biden nationally and in each of these four states are as they should be: down.

Sanders and Warren have long been a de facto coalition. If at the end of the Democratic primary, their delegates combined (along with those of any mutual potential allies like Gabbard and possibly Yang, etc) amount to greater than 50 percent, then one of them will be the Democratic nominee for president. They would have every reason in the world to make it so.

In this case, the One Percent Establishment candidates with delegates (all the rest) would have great incentive to see that the much more One Percent friendly Warren gets the nomination rather than Bernie Sanders because “he has absolutely infuriated the liberal establishment by committing a major crime,” notes Noam Chomsky. “It’s not his policies. His crime was to organize an ongoing political movement that doesn’t just show up at the polls every four years and push a button, but keeps working. That’s no good. The rabble is supposed to stay home. Their job is to watch not to participate.”

Chomsky adds, “I think Elizabeth Warren is quite honest. I think many of her plans are perfectly reasonable. She’s working with quite serious economists, some of them friends. But she doesn’t pretend to be, to try, hoping to institute radical institutional changes. Sanders does. Furthermore, she has not organized a mass political movement which Sanders did. And it’s had a lot of effect. That’s how you get people in Congress like Ocasio-Cortez and others because of this movement.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said, “It wasn’t until I heard of a man by the name of Bernie Sanders that I began to assert and recognize my inherent value.” Noam Chomsky adds, “That’s scary. Nobody in the political mainstream wants that.”

But the 99 Percent and planet Earth and all species upon it do want and need what Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are building and working towards: peace on Earth and good will to all, a humane quality of life, a future and a good one.

Meanwhile the One Percent establishment – both Liberal and Conservative – lies, distorts, manipulates, and deceives non-stop and flails wildly in its never-ending effort to sustain its homicidal and suicidal tyranny of theft and profiteering.

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