Bernie Versus The One Percent Bankster Capitalists Who Hate And Fear Him

“ ‘I’m a socially liberal, fiscally conservative centrist who would love to vote for a rational Democrat and get Trump out of the White House,’ said the [anonymous] CEO of one of the nation’s largest banks,” Politico reports in “Wall Street Freaks Out About 2020.”

Though often parroted, there is no such thing as a “socially liberal, fiscal conservative.” Kindness stops where the killing starts. The One Percent’s cherished “fiscal conservatism” amounts to the gutting of social programs and public life and well-being. Fiscal conservatism and austerity are economics of, by, and for the One Percent. This devastates minorities and other vulnerables: the old, the young, the imprisoned, the impoverished… Nothing socially liberal about that, nothing socially liberal about economic racism, economic sexism, economic discrimination of all sorts, economic ecocide, economic slaughter by the One Percent empire near and far.

“Socially liberal, fiscal conservative,” yeah, right. The kiss of love ends at the tip, let alone the hilt, of the sword. It’s real quick. So-called socially liberal, fiscal conservatism is a game of thrones in which vulnerables suffer disaster and death while the rich delight in the spoils. Financially gutting public social systems hurts everyone to greater and lesser degrees, everyone other than the One Percent, who live apart from it all, bank accounts bulging.

Now the Big Election is coming, and the One Percent bankster gangs are seeking to buy another phony for President, another “socially liberal fiscal conservative,” Politico reports. But this time, in the Era of Bernie Sanders, the One Percent bankster gangsters are “getting panicked about the prospect of an ultraliberal Democratic nominee [Bernie Sanders] bent on raising taxes. and slapping regulations on their firms.”

The possibility of Bernie’s Blue-Out terrifies the One Percent, an electoral sweep of all 50 states that would send the much media-vaunted blue-red divide to the trash heap of history. The One Percent bankster gangs created that optical illusion, convenient mental cleansing, pretty and perverse blue-red split, and they need it to profiteer to the hilt, to continue to divide and conquer. Bernie threatens to bust the blue-red bull to pieces, and wealth knows it. We should too.

The One Percent banksters and their corporate media – the dominant media – brainwashing night and day – note that “The result [of 2020 election uncertainty] is a kind of nervous paralysis of executives pining for a centrist nominee like Michael Bloomberg.”

It’s as mind bending as it is meant to be. Mentally cleansing. A billionaire 50 times over, Michael Bloomberg is the “8th-richest person in the United States and the 11th richest person in the world…” but to the One Percent banksters and their dominant corporate media brainwashing 24/7, Michael, richer-than-King-Midas, Bloomberg is a “centrist.” Obviously, he’s a centrist. Like, say, the Pope is a centrist. Or Ghengis Khan. Certainly at the center of wealth and empire. Multi-deca-billionaires are centrists, to the One Percent. That this can even be thought and printed without comment shows how deep the mental cleansing goes. King Bloomberg, One Percent titan, is a “socially liberal fiscal conservative,” so he’s a “centrist” to the self-absolving, funhouse-mirror-gazing bankster gangsters of the media and corporate realms beyond. Dude, where’s my candidate?

Politico goes on to report that the One Percent bankster gangs on Wall Street and elsewhere “fear” losing a few pennies from their digital vaults – shudder – even though nearly all Democratic primary candidates for President “are still calling and showing up” begging for One Percent funding. “They just don’t want to be seen doing it,” notes another anonymous One Percent bankster gang leader, in Politico.

“For Democratic candidates, seeking Wall Street support in the 2020 race will be tricky” due to “swift social media backlash from” the populace. Big money support for the mass of Democrat candidates is readily gained from the One Percent; it’s the high level of deceit that is required that is “tricky,” hiding from people the fact that the One Percent are buying politicians to serve them rather than the populace. Social media, the popular media, the peoples’ media, at its best, valiantly attempts to give the game away, in real time. Thus the Empire’s recent assaults against social media, led by a tag-team of the bankster gangsters in government and by the One Percent owners of social media sites themselves. A “tricky” game, maintaining touch with people while exploiting and profiteering off them ruthlessly.

For the oncoming Big Election, the One Percent banksters note that they would prefer yet another in a long line of corporate stooges: phony populists like Kamala Harris, sorry, or Joe Biden, sorry, or Beto O’Rourke, sorry, or Kristen Gillibrand, sorry, or anyone “not named Bernie Sanders.”

Fiscal conservative social liberals! who will smile at you and shake your hand and tell you nice things, while White Walkers with digital daggers reap their inhuman harvest behind these bought-and-paid-for politicos. Alas, for the One Percent bankster gangsters, uniformly suited and tied to wealth, of wealth, by wealth, for wealth, Bernie Sanders remains the prohibitive favorite to win both the primary and the Presidency of, by, and for the people. It’s in that direction. The One Percent knows it. We should too.

The One Percent “fear” that they may not get their wish of buying a “socially liberal fiscal conservative” Lord of Empire. They can see and feel instead a strong progressive tide and wind that continues to push against and blow back on the One Percent banksters’ poisoning and pillaging. Hurricane Bernie comes for Wall Street, not a moment too soon, if decades and centuries late. Be that as it may, it’s coming, and now.

It’s not a partial or a general strike that the banksters fear most at this point in history, though that may come too. The One Percent has proven that it knows how to crush or curtail strikes large and small. Certainly things can change, and the times, like the climates, they are a-changin’. But the One Percent bankster gangs barely stopped Bernie last time, they don’t know how to stop him this time, and they have not proven that they can control or predict what might happen to their obscene wealth and conquest as a result, direct or indirect, of the Rise of Sanders Claus. No one knows. It’s new territory. The One Percent would rather not risk it. They will accept anyone else of prominence other than Bernie Sanders: “Frankly, if people believed [Elizabeth] Warren would win, they’d jump on board. And everyone in the top tier not named Bernie Sanders…” reports Politico, which interviewed more than “a dozen executives” for its article, “Wall Street Freaks Out About 2020.”

And why would the Gang Banksters not support, if it comes to it, Elizabeth “capitalist to her bones” Warren, a Republican deep into her adulthood. Repulsively – in the era of Bernie Sanders – everyone else in the Democrat Primary not named Bernie Sanders (and possibly Tulsi Gabbard) is to the right of even Elizabeth Proud Capitalist Warren. Harris, Biden, O’Rourke, Booker, Gillibrand, etc, are all considerably worse than even “capitalist to her bones” Warren, from a popular progressive perspective. (Hillary Clinton supporters in the Democratic Primary who think they are not greatly responsible for getting Donald Trump elected should think that through very, very hard.) And now in this 2020 cycle for the Democratic Primary, there is not even a semblance of “balance” to the left of Bernie Sanders. He remains for years now the most popular politician in the nation, by far, and there is still no candidate running even slightly to his left in the Democratic Primary. Why? (Rhetorical.) It’s potentially suicidal not to position at least one candidate seriously on his left, preferably more. Where is the left?

The runs for the Presidency of Bernie Sanders are not general strikes. They are something else, arguably as strong or stronger, in this day and age. They are general mobilizations despised and feared and bitterly savaged and opposed by the One Percent bankster gangs. With enemies like that, you know you’re in good company. Bernie’s general mobilizations have proven to be both inspiring and educational to people near and far, and to progressive forces nationwide.

Are Bernie’s general mobilizations perfect? No, far from it. Are they like general mobilizations of old? It’s high time for historians to sort that out.

For now, it remains Hurricane Bernie that the One Percent fears. The potential effects of the movement of Bernie, as with any hurricane or potential hurricane, is unpredictable and potentially overwhelming, the ultimate consequences not so easily controlled or avoided by the banksters. This is an era where Climate Change and Climate Collapse mean increasingly more than a change in the Earth’s weather. The political climate is beginning to bump off the capitalist rails too. The question is to what extent the new social-media fueled progressive age may carve up the rule of the One Percent banksters who for now remain rich beyond the dreams of Kings, rich by the rain of money from their climate of wealth that they manipulate for themselves, a climate that batters people into a brutal austerity of poverty and debt, a climate of institutionalized theft that generates golden showers for the rich while the bulk of societies rot or implode, and the planet itself careens toward a Venus death hell future.

The One Percent are the White Walkers of the Game of Thrones imagination, agents without ethics, driven, pitiless in their profiteering, to conquer and consume and destroy all. The capitalist economic system is so thoroughly homicidal that it has long since crossed over, transitioned, by way of impending planetary climate collapse, into being wholly suicidal. Suicide by capitalism on a planetary scale, no escape anywhere, for anyone. That’s no small shift in human consciousness, from “Surely the capitalists won’t kill us all…” to “They are set to kill all and everything, themselves included!” It’s a different era now, in consciousness, in politics, in planet. It has to be. It has to be different too in economics, and much else.

As the political and environmental climates are changing, the One Percent banksters work to stop change from touching their bank accounts. Financial collapse and subjugation is what they administer unto others. The rich expect to be treated richly. The One Percent bankster gangs don’t mind buying their elections. They expect to. Its their world, after all, their weather, their climate, their elections, as they see it, their politicians. But the climate has changed, and now Hurricane Bernie comes for the rich on behalf of the poor, and the rich know it. The other prominent candidates for the Presidency, shadows cast by the One Percent (as John Dewey noted decades ago), are mere squalls, fake storms, or plentiful showers of gold for the One Percent. The One Percent bankster gangs know it and want to fool everyone else about what they know.

Hurricane Bernie comes. HB remains the dominant weather pattern in the race for the Presidency. The banksters know it even as they perpetually try to deny it. And behind Hurricane Bernie? Much bigger climate change, which is what the One Percent bankster gangs really fear. They fear it so much that they don’t even speak of it lest they inadvertently help draw it near and into being. Hurricane Bernie is bad enough, in the view of the One Percent. It won’t wipe them out. But it’s a big enough storm that it could help catalyze an irreversible climate change and collapse of the capitalist onslaught that has already destroyed so much.

Bernie is not the end-all, be-all of politics or anything else. He and his policies are not without flaws. Nevertheless, his candidacy in the 2016 election cycle drove social change, as social change drove his candidacy, and together they are driving again in the 2020 cycle, continuing to advance Occupy Wall Street politics and progressive gains nationwide.

It remains the responsibility of the left to be popular enough to run a candidate to the left of Bernie Sanders in the 2020 Democratic primary for President, if the left wishes to more forcefully push more advanced progressive politics. Achieving that would be the biggest criticism of Bernie Sanders that the left could mount, the most highly visible, a competitive candidate to his left, someone who would make Bernie look like a so-called moderate, and the rest look like wannabe Lords. Where is this popular left electoral prankster of sorts? someone with no chance at all, someone, like, say, Bernie Sanders of 2016 was perceived at the time. It’s long since time that progressives, socialists, anarchists came up with someone. Democracy is at stake, and with it … sheer survival.

In the meantime, come, Hurricane Bernie, and render unto the people what is the peoples’. Some larger bit at least. Hurricane Bernie amounts to no general strike though may lead to one, as it moves to overcome and overtake a particularly impactful and influential operations center, the White House. The mobilization continues. For now, Hurricane Bernie remains one of the biggest threats that the ruling rich have ever seen to their ever more lethal climate of One Percent bankster gangsterism – banksterism. And they know it. We should too.

Tony Christini is author of the antiwar novel Homefront, co-editor of Liberation Lit anthology, the critical work Fiction Gutted: The Establishment and the Novel, and mostly recently author of Empire All In: A Novel of the Trump Era – paperbackebook.

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