The One Percent Hates Bernie, And Us All

From Heavy:

David Sirota, an award-winning journalist, just recently shared on Twitter that a job with Bernie Sanders 20 years ago still brings him the most accusations and questions of any job he’s had all these years later. The job made it tougher for him to get other jobs, and he’s still “accused” of being affiliated with Sanders to this day. “The hatred of Bernie by the political/media class is very real,” he said in a recent string of tweets.

David Sirota is a nationally syndicated columnist, political commentator, radio host, and blogger. He took to Twitter to share that out of all the jobs he’s had over the years, the one he had 20 years ago with Bernie Sanders has given him the most difficult and the most scrutiny, even all these years later.

He wrote: “I worked for Bernie right out of college. For 20 yrs, this — and only this — has made getting any job in politics/media far more difficult. I’m not complaining, but I speak from experience when I say that the hatred of him & his ideology by the political/media class is very real.”

Tony Christini is author of the antiwar novel Homefront, co-editor of Liberation Lit anthology, the critical work Fiction Gutted: The Establishment and the Novel, and mostly recently author of Empire All In: A Novel of the Trump Era – paperbackebook.

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