The One Percent Ruling Class Still Blames Bernie For Hillary’s Loss To Trump

The One Percent, whether Democrat or Republican, lie as they breath. An Empire of Lies. One Percenter Democrat David Brock at NBC’s “Think” blames Bernie and “Berniecrats,” in his ludicrous formulation, for Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump.

It’s as pitiful as it is deceitful. Bernie Sanders and backers didn’t leverage the Presidency away from Hillary Clinton. Rather the opposite. Hillary Clinton and supporters leveraged both the primary and the Presidency away from Bernie Sanders.

Not this time. 

Not in 2020. 

Bernie Sanders and supporters will need to defeat the One Percent in both parties. It’s as plain as it is obvious.

Any One Percent Democrat who doesn’t like it – the great popularity of progressive policies – is welcome to join the One Percent in their natural home: the Republican Party. David Brock should go back to where he came from if he truly wishes to “share core values” with political allies. Who are the Owners of the World to hold a grudge? His past friends in the Republican Party would no doubt embrace him again with all the generosity and warmth that the gleaming capitalist hearts of the One Percent can muster.

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