Will No One Run To Bernie’s Left?

At this point in the campaign for the 2020 Presidency, the corporate media is trying to desperately find anyone who can compete with Bernie Sanders. To no avail. They are trying to lift Biden, Harris, O’Rourke, Booker, Warren, and any/many others. It’s not working. How could it? It’s obvious bull.

Only a Democratic Primary candidate to Bernie’s left could compete with Bernie Sanders by pushing even more popular policy proposals. But of course the dominant media won’t get behind anyone like that, and no such candidate exists currently. So the race for the Presidency is Bernie’s to win, as he continues to zoom far in the lead, which the corporate media are simply committed to lie about.

Someone to the left of Bernie should run in the Democratic Primary. It would help all around. There has not been a peep from anyone willing to do it, to get out there and help move the discussion farther toward the popular left, which is exactly what Bernie did in 2016.

Bernie would still win in 2020 in all likelihood but the political discussion and reality would be moved farther to the left again. Unfortunately, that won’t happen without a candidate rising to Bernie’s left in the Democratic primary. It would be a real setback not to have a candidate farther to the left of Bernie give some prominence for even more just and popular policies that would keep moving the political reality left to help meet more of the immense unmet needs.

Run, Bernie, run, yes, but his ideas should be given some real competition to help save the planet and the people who live upon it. Those ideas, policies, and positions can only come from the left where popular and progressive ideas and positions are found, with the people, far from the One Percent system of conquest and exploitation.

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