Bernie Sanders Campaign Needs To Move Further Left Immediately To Move Ahead Now And Long Term

Bernie should immediately name Nina Turner or Rashida Tlaib as his Vice Presidential pick, and the two should campaign together and individually. The Bernie Sanders campaign and political movement needs such additional help now.

Youngish progressives of color in the House need to be further encouraged to come on board immediately and endorse him. Bernie’s Democratic Socialist campaign needs more people coming aboard in a big way.  

And now that Bernie has undergone a stents procedure on his heart, the logic is inescapable. A vice presidential candidate needs to begin campaigning with him immediately, so that in the terrible event that Bernie is not able to continue, the campaign could continue with the VP as the new Presidential candidate. 

There can be no denying that the campaign is and must be bigger than any individual. Probably it should be Nina Turner, Rashida Tlaib, or Tulsi Gabbard who begins campaigning immediately as Bernie’s backup and potential immediate replacement. This should have been done months ago, and not even for reasons of health but for reasons of the movement generally, for needed differentiation, for diverse electoral support, and for transparency. Waiting to spring a VP on voters after one wins the nomination is insulting, in no way justifiable. It’s entirely unclear that any dual campaigner and candidate in the VP position would be better than Nina Turner, national co-chair of the Sanders campaign. That said, Rashida Tlaib would also be a powerful choice. 

It has long since been obvious that Team Bernie (and all other campaigns) should adopt and improve Andrew Yang’s Universal Basic Income proposal because it’s basically a form of badly needed individual debt relief, progressive debt relief, and extremely popular and appealing. As would be a youngish woman of color Vice President pick now, or months ago. Turner or Tlaib. Does the Bernie Sanders campaign not want to be overwhelmingly popular?

Of course it does. Unfortunately, it has continued to miss the obvious in these two crucial matters. And now Yang’s ever increasing popularity and financial draw both come likely at Bernie’s Democratic Socialist expense. Also now Bernie’s health scare seriously threatens both Bernie and Democratic Socialism. The campaign has missed the importance of not holding up Bernie in isolation. That VP pick should have been made months ago, even apart from age and health considerations. The campaign should surely feel forced to do it now.

Support and improvement of Yang’s UBI should also be promptly effected. Could it be more obvious by now? Time to admit these mistakes and move forward, or just move forward and plead first or nearly first on these issues to act if still slow to act. The wake-up calls are hitting hard and fast. Time to move.

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